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AreaRadio - Part of the AreaGuides Network

By: Kent Courtney


The AreaGuides Network is a multi-media platform that makes for a fun experience on the internet.  It's stimulating to try different ways of interacting with a computer.  Internet video has taken the place of the thirty second TV spot, according to AdAge.  The same thing is happening with Podcasts on the internet.  The tremendous advantage that podcasts have is that you don't have to be tied to the computer screen watching video content.  

Podcasts are the New Radio

You can listen on the speakers and you do not have to view the monitor in order to interact with the computer with a podcast.  Just like old-fashioned broadcast radio, you can hear the programming without having to be stuck on a chair or couch.

You don't have to have an iPod to listen to a podcast.  The name may have come from that mp3 playing stalwart, but nearly every computer has a media player that will automatically sense that a podcast has been downloaded.  Some players even start playing automatically once the podcast file is downloaded.

If you do have an iPod, iPhone or other mp3 player you can even take the podcast with you and listen to the programming anywhere. It's totally portable audio content that you can bring with you and listen anywhere and anytime.  You not chained to a radio broadcaster's schedule - you listen when you want to.  Just press play when you're ready to hear a podcast.

Fun Information

With a Podcast, there is much more opportunity for variety.  The old broadcast media have huge budgets that mean they are in a constant search for figuring out gimmicks to get large audiences in order to justify the exorbitent costs of advertising.  A Podcast has a select market that is ever changing.  The content can be specialized and interesting.  It's not the schlock that you're used to on the airwaves.  It's different.

Live Music

When's the last time you heard live music performed on the radio?  It's a common occurance on Podcasts.  AreaRadio searches out performers to sing and play live on their Podcasts.  You hear good music from regional performers that you can attend locally in a live-performance venue.

Interesting Interviews

Local people talk about local events that mean something to you.  Hear a state representative talk about his proposal for a County-Wide Bike Trail.  Listen to a local businessman get enthusiastic about his business.

A Different Take on Current Events

Since there is no national agenda attached to Podcasts, you usually don't find the middle-of-the-road views you hear on the news.  You hear different ideas that cause you to think.  It is quite stimulating to look at a policy or action from a totally different point of view.

Real Radio Commercials

Yes, there are commercials on most Podcasts.  The sponsors provide a monetary platform for them to exist.  The nice thing about these commercials is that they are from businesses you usually don't hear from on the radio.  They offer wonderful products and services that have a local and specialized appeal.

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AreaRadio Podcasts

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AreaRadio - Part of the AreaGuides Network

By: Kent Courtney
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