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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

By: Craig Shipp

Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review - Is this the best all-around camera ever made? See videos below!
Simply stick a high-speed 64 gig SD card in the FZ1000 and shoot stills and 4k video of anything and everything!

The image below was shot hand-held at 800 iso - Click Here for the full-sized photo on flickr

FZ1000 Unboxing and First Look

Facial Recognition 

1080P vs 4k video test (uploaded to YouTube in 1080P):

Shoot interviews, product reviews, events, slow-motion, macro,
sports at 400mm reach, 4k and more with one piece of kit! 

4k hand-held zoom test (uploaded to YouTube in 4k)

iPhone / iPad remote control app demo:

ESP Dancers in 4k (shot in low light on a shaky floor)

ESP Dancers in slow motion - 120fps

Note: In the 120fps slow-motion mode you need to focus prior to starting the clip because auto focus does not work during the clip. Neither does manual focus so it's best to focus on the point of the action prior to starting the clip. Also use a tripod or be careful to hold the camera really steady because in this mode the image stabilization does not work either. 

Here's my complete FZ1000 video playlist:

Click Here for sample photos including low-light and macro!

So far my thoughts on this camera are as follows.

  1. It's a good (not great) all-around travel, run-n-gun event video and stills camera.
  2. It's easy to setup so that switching between shooting modes is fast and straight forward. 
  3. The only gripes I have so far are the funky, small USB plug and the door to access said plug. Now, I have three different USB adaptor cables for three different cameras! Please get together camera manufacturers and standardize on one plug and make it like the new Apple plug that is easy to use and plugs in either way! The other gripe is the quarter /20 tripod mount is too close to the battery door. I was lucky to have a small enough arca swiss adapter that fit and still allows me to open the battery door. Lastly, I still can't figure out how assign the audio level adjustment to a fn button. As it is I need to go into the menu system. The limiter does work well so that may not be an issue in real-world use. 
  4. When shooting video it seems to hunt for focus sometimes. It will lock focus and then for no apparent reason drift out of focus for an instant. For this reason as well a rolling shutter and morie I would say the video performance is so-so. 
This camera is a great multi-tool camera. Like all multi-tools it's good at a lot of things but not the perfect tool for anything. That said, many times the multi-tool is all we need and it gets the job(s) done. Many will find this camera does everything they need. I'm keeping mine. Enough said. 

Below is my first product review shot with the FZ1000 - looks good to me:

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Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Review

By: Craig Shipp
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