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Sarasota Chalk Festival 2012
By: Sarasota Chalk Festival

Now in its 6th year, the Sarasota Chalk Festival's goal is to bring the community together in mutual appreciation of some of the world's best street art. Each year the festival has inspired thousands with its fantastic chalk drawings and wonderful murals. Last year the festival drew 200,000 spectators who saw 250 world-renowned artists such as Kurt Wenner and Leon Keer create beautiful three-dimensional chalk drawings on the streets of Sarasota

China's Terracotta Army rendered in chalk with lego men by Planet Street Painting at Sarasota Chalk Festival 2011

The Sarasota Chalk Festival hosts a Children’s Chalk Block where the young and young at heart can participate in the Sarasota Chalk Festival for FREE because of the generous support of our sponsors, artists, volunteers and visitors. The festival received this letter from a proud Dad who brought his son, Austin, to the festival in 2011. Here is what he had to say:

“I brought my son to the chalk festival hoping to inspire him to draw and paint more as he is always drawing cartoon characters in his room. We spent about an hour watching the fantastic artists at work but what my son was really excited about was hearing that there was a children’s area. I want to tell you that my son learned from watching the artists work, he learned by seeing their techniques and all on his own he drew the most amazing piece of artwork I have ever seen him produce.”

“I have to say that in all of my 44 years that Saturday was one of the top 5 best days of my entire life. Seeing my son so focused on drawing without a care in the world. I want to thank you, the artists, and organizers of this event for such an eye opening experience. By the way, Austin's nine! Maybe some day he will have his own street to paint on!”

This year's festival is set to be the biggest yet, with the festival spanning 10 days from October 28th-Nov 6th. The 2012 theme will bring us back to the 1920′s when the serene seaside shores of Sarasota became Ringling Bros.-Barnum & Bailey’s Circus winter home and became known as “Circus City, USA”.

A time when residents would glow with anticipation as the trains rolled into town carrying circus families from around the world along with their elaborate costumes, massive tents and exotic animals to practice their fearless acts. This year the festival will re-create that feeling, and will have will have entertainers, acrobats, and musicians performing on the streets of Sarasota alongside the artworks.

Sarasota Chalk Festival is a non-profit organization and relies on the generosity of its supporters. Please help us to keep this festival FREE for all to participate in and attend by sponsoring us or donating to the festival.

To get a sneak peek at what will be happening next year, to see photographs from last year, and to see some of our artist's work, visit us on Pinterest!

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Sarasota Chalk Festival 2012
By: Sarasota Chalk Festival
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