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iPhone; 6-29-07, 6pm Making History

By: Craig Shipp

In New York City they have been camping out at the Apple store for a week. In Frederick County, Maryland for days and they all want the iPhone. The iPhone is probably the most anticipated product of all time and those waiting will finally take delivery today on June 29, 2007 at 6pm. We'll be there to see why they are so excited and to get their first impressions of this device that could change the way many access the internet, e-mail and watch videos and photos!

Keep an eye on this article for photos, videos and comments from iPhone owners!

Here are some cool technology videos:

Opening Day Video Clips - Frederick, Maryland

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Early Comments from iPhone buyers:

Steve's comments were received 10:47am 7/1/07:

My friend thought I was insane. Passerby’s leered and laughed as they past our line of dedicated consumers. I arrived at the AT&T store at 5:20 AM with the one goal. I wanted an IPhone. I am an IT professional that was a proud owner of the same twelve button cell phone for four years. I’ve watched many of my co-workers go the PDA (aka mini-computer) route for remote access. I had something that worked and relied on my phone a great deal moving in and out of computer rooms and customer sites. I always knew I could get something better, but I had something that worked so why change. Well finally my old reliable phone was starting to die. For weeks I kept my eyes open for a replacement. When I read about the details and the level of effort Apple was putting into the iPhone it was a lock. Twelve and a half hours later, I awoke out of a coma state to a moving line and a cheering crowd. Here are my impressions of my new purchase.


1. Incredibly light for the amount of functionality

2. Interface is the best I’ve ever seen on a phone

a. Easy to find everything I want to use

b. The touch keyboard is keyboard organized with larger buttons that truly outclass the microscopic buttons on most PDA phones

3. The battery on this phone is high quality

4. The touch screen has about 30 of my fingerprints on it, but it’s still very readable and easy to read

5.The web interface isn’t a hybrid browser with proprietary content. This is a big deal for IT people looking for technical information

6. The actual phone interfaces to handle calls is the best! The alternating keyboards, Con Call functionality, and contact list integration is sexy as can be.

7. The Visual Voice Mail allows me to get to my work voice mail first before personal messages. This feature is great for problem solving at work and all my attention is focused on a critical issue. Getting work voices out of the way before listening to my family’s voice mail is less aggravating.

8. The 2MB pictures are a lifesaver when I need a phone with my kid’s antics. I’ve missed far too many moments wishing for a camera to be handy. Now with the iPhone this is not a problem.

9. Torture my fellow IT professions after years of their ridicule at my legacy phone usage

10. The multiple mailbox architecture on the IPhone is awesome.

11. Apple’s method of integration in ITunes was seamless as simple. (Update ITunes version 7.3 before connecting)


1. The headphones microphone that comes with the IPhone are not all that great. My friends didn’t like how it sounded in the calls, and I never liked the way the speakers rest in your ear.

2. Pressing very left or right edge of any alphabet keyboard often results in getting the wrong key. When pressing keys in the center, top, or bottom I find the desired keys no problem.

3. Often when I’m trying to turn down the volume on the IPod module I end of turning down the phone ringer volume and vice versa.

4. I’m worried this thing will get stolen when out in public

5. AT&T lack of support in terms of insurance and a service policy is disappointing. They gave me 14 days to return it if theirs a problem and if I had a problem go bother Apple. I found that really weak given the effort in the product.

6. The lack of knowledge I found in the AT&T staff on the phone and its components was bad. I almost bought a set of headphones because no one in the store could tell me they were in the box and I was not allowed to open the box in the store.

7. I wish the camera phone had a quicker access method when first picking up the phone

8. No manual or documentation in the IPhone box. This was fine with the IPod when it first came out given how simple it was to operate. The IPhone is ten times more complicated more documentation would have helped.

9. If your headphones have a hook shape at the unit connector side they won’t work. I didn’t want to be singled out using the Apple headphones in a crowd.

Well that is my round-up. On a final note, I saw my share of criticism about buying a phone that will be so quickly outdated with another IPhone in the next year. Price tag or technology aside, the phone will fill my needs as a consumer. There will always be a phone that does one piece of technology better than my IPhone. It won’t matter to me because I don’t need added bandwidth or other features. Apple designed this phone with so many features that once you're attune to them it becomes an invaluable tool. This thing it still just a phone to me and nothing more. Now I have a phone that is just more fun! If you have any IPhone questions drop me a line. I’m learning tons about this phone everyday. Video Channel:

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iPhone; 6-29-07, 6pm Making History

By: Craig Shipp
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